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Smallville Quot Future Meets Melrose Place

Two of the showrunners to Smallville could be taking charge of CW planned new version of Melrose Place, reports Michael Ausiello.Originally, the project was offered to One Tree Hill showrunner Mark Schwahn, but said that could Ausiello not be completed because it was committed to Schwahn Warner Bros. Produced Hill, Melrose Place and is produced by Paramount..
22.1.09 10:08

Inauguration Special Jay Z Quot My President Is Black Remix

I want to thank two people. I want to thank the motherfucker overseas threw two shoes to George Bush, and I want to thank the Motherfuckers that helped them move out of shit that the White House. Jeezy: So ya ll thank a lot of people at this time.
22.1.09 10:08

Paris Hilton For Fila

This oughtta be good for his image, whereas Paris Hilton actually seems really nice here. This was my Christmas present late, thank you, Kevin Huvane! It also caused a storm in Park City Utah while grinding all was forgiven Sting.All as Trudie Styler laughed away, saying it was a bit of good fun.. In case you hadnt heard, Paris has recently been launched on a Golden Globe after-party.
22.1.09 10:08

Michelle Obama Shares Stage With Miley Jonas Brothers

Verizon Center, on the eve of her husband inauguration, the first to be the first woman to accompany daughters Sasha and Malia was greeted by a crowd of 14. Obama pumped his audience, many of whom were military families invited to attend the free concert. We Join You All Today And Every Day In Praying For Your Loved Ones And Their Safety. Barack And I Are So Thankful For The Military Sacrifice That Helps Make Our Nation Safe, he told them. Entering Washington, D. C. 000 go wild and shouting: We love you Michelle! Before calling the nation young people to serve their country, Mr. Who could upstage Miley Cyru and Jonas Brother? At Monday night Junior inaugural concert, which would Michelle Obama.
22.1.09 10:08

Couric Wonders If They Quot Re Celebrating In Gaza

S. President is inaugurated. These are people who do not have the inclination or the luxury of expectations, because their expectations were dashed many times. They ve been today, in particular, in the streets, trying to get their lives together. However, they have some hope for Barack Obama. Just as they built things, they hit again. As a president, who think that he can be a little different. CBS anchor Katie Couric wondering if the people of Gaza have been feeling of hope, now that a new U. . CBS correspondent Allen Pizzey replied: Well, Katie, here in Gaza, people haven t really paid much attention to the.
22.1.09 10:08


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