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Couric Wonders If They Quot Re Celebrating In Gaza

S. President is inaugurated. These are people who do not have the inclination or the luxury of expec... weiterlesen
22.1.09 10:08

Michelle Obama Shares Stage With Miley Jonas Brothers

Verizon Center, on the eve of her husband inauguration, the first to be the first woman to accompany... weiterlesen
22.1.09 10:08

Paris Hilton For Fila

This oughtta be good for his image, whereas Paris Hilton actually seems really nice here. This was m... weiterlesen
22.1.09 10:08

Inauguration Special Jay Z Quot My President Is Black Remix

I want to thank two people. I want to thank the motherfucker overseas threw two shoes to George Bush... weiterlesen
22.1.09 10:08

Smallville Quot Future Meets Melrose Place

Two of the showrunners to Smallville could be taking charge of CW planned new version of Melrose Pla... weiterlesen
22.1.09 10:08


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